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5 Year Warranty

5 Year Warranty*

They "Talk the Talk"

It's easy to talk about quality and make claims that your product is the best... everybody does it, but who do you believe? It can be difficult to determine which companies actually care about the quality of their product. One of the ways to determine this would be to look at how long they've been in the business. Do they actually make the product or are they just resellers or sales agents with no actual connection to the product beyond what someone told them the product was like? Do they have the confidence in the product to back it up with a worthwhile guarantee?

We "Walk the Walk"

At WM Manufacturing Ltd. every forkliftramps™ mobile dock system that goes out the door is backed by our good name along with our 5 year limited warranty. We started out in the business building ramps for our father back in the 80's so when we tell you something about the ramps it's from first hand experience not just repeating what someone else told me. We can tell you why it's built the way it is, how it's built and what changes need to be made if you need something custom.

We're proud to say that the first forklift ramp we designed and built is still in use today! We even had one customer unload his ramp by chaining it to an oak tree and driving the truck out from under it - no damage to the ramp. Another fellow put one of those outsized off-road logging trucks onto a railcar by balancing on the safety rails as he drove up the ramps. Once again, it didn't damage the ramp, although we put more posts in the safety rail just in case something like that happens again.

You need to look past merely similar appearances as there are a couple of people making ramps that bear a most amazing similarity to my ramps while being about as closely related as Ladas and Lincolns are. They are both cars after all? So, don't be fooled by cheap imitations. If you give us a call at 866-826-7267 we will be happy to tell you more about why we put a 5 year limited warranty on our ramps and why the imitators only give you 1 year. After all, you would expect your ramp to have a better guarantee than a toaster wouldn't you?

The McDonald Family
WM Manufacturing Ltd.

*limited warranty, some conditions apply

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Forklift Ramps MDS are generically referred to as:
• loading ramps
• portable ramps
• mobile ramps
• loading dock ramp
• portable loading ramp
• portable loading dock
• mobile loading dock
• mobile dock ramps
• mobile yard ramps
• loading docks
• yard ramps

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