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Our Forklift Ramp™ Mobile Dock System (MDS)

10' Deck:
Forklift Ramp MDS 1020
Forklift Ramp MDS 1025
Forklift Ramp MDS 1030
15' Deck:
Forklift Ramp MDS 1520
Forklift Ramp MDS 1525
Forklift Ramp MDS 1530
20' Deck:
Forklift Ramp MDS 2020
Forklift Ramp MDS 2025
Forklift Ramp MDS 2030

WM Manufacturing Ltd. takes pride in delivering exceptional quality and performance forklift ramps mobile dock systems second to none! And every forklift ramp we build is backed by our 5 Year Warranty*.

We offer nine models of forkliftramps™ mobile dock systems and can also customize your loading dock to meet any unique requirements you may have. Custom colors are available upon request.

Benefits of our Forklift Ramps
  • SAVE TIME: In order to get your product in or out of a freight truck you need a way to get to the ground. Our Forklift ramp mobile dock system (MDS) cuts your time loading or unloading freight by approximately 80% or more. The forklift ramp MDS allows a single man to load or unload a van in a half-hour or less compared to several hours with several men and a pallet jack. The cost savings are such that a forklift ramp MDS pays for itself after unloading a mere one hundred trailers.
  • PORTABLE: A forklift ramp must be easily portable without compromising its durability. Our forklift ramp MDS separates into two components without tools which allow it to be moved and set up again without tools in just a couple of minutes. There is no chance of forgetting to retract the wheels as there would be with a hydraulic wheeled forklift ramp MDS, which could lead to significant damage and/or operator injury.
  • ADJUSTABLE: Another point is that a forklift ramp MDS must be adjustable to be really useful. Our forklift ramp MDS uses a mechanical set of landing jacks exactly the same as those found on freight vans. With a minimal amount of moving parts these jacks are extremely durable and reliable. The same cannot be said of the ramps with hydraulic lift systems which are prone to expensive malfunctions. Another forklift ramp MDS consideration about picking up a pallet at the back of the trailer is that the forklift should be level with the van before the forks enter the van. The frustration you feel when you discover that you cannot tip the mast of your forklift forward enough to get under the pallet(s) at the back of the van is truly unnecessary.
  • EASE OF USE: Another benefit of our forklift ramp MDS is its simple size. Most of our competitors sell you ramps six and seven feet wide while ours are an inch under eight feet wide. The difference this makes trying in pick up a pallet at the back of a van has to be experienced before you believe it! Our forklift ramp MDS comes with at least a ten foot long level deck and you can choose fifteen or even twenty foot decks to ensure that even someone handling carpet rolls can level off and have the hassle free loading experience everyone deserves.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE: The landing gear should be greased every 6 months.
Product Quality and Workmanship

We have endeavoured to perfect our innovative design over the years, and we are proud that our design has stood the test of time.

Our forklift ramp mobile dock system's design is known and preferred for its durability, safety, convenience, and economy.

Quality and Service Guarantee
  • We stand behind any of our forklift ramps MDS, and we strive to provide the best product and service to all of our customers. Forkliftramps™ Mobile Dock Systems are guaranteed for 5 years* from the purchase date by the end user for materials and workmanship.
  • We provide superior customer service to all of our customers, because the customer has access to talk directly to the designers and manufacturers of their product.
  • Our knowledgeable, highly trained and experienced staff is available to discuss possible design modifications, or any problems with the care and use of any of our forklift ramp mobile dock system products.
Fit and Finish
  • Care and attention is paid to every detail in the design and manufacture of our product.
  • The streamlined design is accentuated by our professional weld quality and appearance.
  • We pride ourselves that every FMDS is inspected for quality, safety and appearance before it ever leaves our warehouse. Only when it passes this inspection does a FMDS receive a serial number for each component (deck and ramp) and the approval to be shipped.
Weld Quality
  • We have never experienced a weld failure in 38 years of manufacturing.
  • Upon completion every FMDS is inspected, given a serial number for each deck and ramp component and notarized.
Quality of our Products

Steel Beams: We use wide flange steel beams, because of their quality and versatility. We can use different weights of steel to increase the strength and gross vehicle weight capacities for different models of our forklift ramps ™ mobile dock systems.

Bar Grate: We use only Canadian made bar grate, because of its superior strength and durability. Our 1-1/2" bar grating is better suited for larger hard rubber tired forklifts.

Paint: We use a self-priming machinery enamel known for its resistance to the elements and its long lasting durability. Cloverdale Paint has developed our trademark custom colour called "forkliftramp red™".

Landing Gear: We have used Holland landing gear since 1987. This is a high quality landing gear with a manufacturer guarantee available continent wide. The Mark V features are: Lift capacity 62,500 lbs; Static Capacity 200,000 lbs; Side load capacity 16,000 lbs.

Landing Gear Mounting Brackets
  • Our landing gear mounting brackets are plasma cut with the latest computer technology. Our design precludes the need for the installation of bracing which is necessary to put on lighter brackets to prevent collapse.
Lower Transition Plates
  • The transition plates, which smooth the entrance onto the ramp, of our forklift ramp MDS are fabricated from 1/2" steel plate for strength and durability. We design them to be separate units so as to fit uneven ground conditions.
Safety Rails
  • Our safety rails are designed to be notched and fitted together in order to attain the maximum strength.
  • These safety rails comply with and exceed Workers' Compensation Board safety standards.
  • The use of this height of rail also has the added feature that a larger number of types of pneumatic forklifts can be used safely with our product. This element increases the versatility of our forklift ramp ™ mobile dock systems.
  • We provide keyholes in the front of every deck to enable the operator to chain the deck to the truck. This important safety feature is standard on all of our FMDS decks.
Original Design Concepts
  • We are the original designer and manufacturer of the copy righted two-piece modular design forklift ramp MDS. Our original design allows 9 different models of portal dock with only 6 components.
  • No other manufacturer offers the forklift fork holes in the side of the unit for easy moving of the unit.
  • No other manufacturer offers the side rub rails made of pipe properly notched and fitted for strength.
  • Ramplockdock™ connector which safely secures the FMDS ramp to a loading dock.
  • No other manufacturer has designed a three-piece stationary modular design that offers side access with elevation control. In this innovative design there is a two-piece deck and a one-piece ramp. This design takes advantage of our unique two pin interlocking connection to pivot the adjustable side deck section, which is fitted with Holland Mark V landing gear. This landing gear changes the height of the adjustable side deck section to accommodate railcar, truck or warehouse access.

Compare all Forklift Ramps Mobile Dock Systems
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  Deck Ramp Deck Weight Ramp Weight Supports
Model Length Length kg. lbs. kg. lbs. kg. lbs.
1020 10 20 1136 2500 1591 3500 13,636 30,000
1025 10 25 1136 2500 2273 5000 13,636 30,000
1030 10 30 1136 2500 2955 6500 13,636 30,000
1520 15 20 1682 3700 1591 3500 13,636 30,000
1525 15 25 1682 3700 2273 5000 13,636 30,000
1530 15 30 1682 3700 2955 6500 13,636 30,000
2020 20 20 2495 5500 1591 3500 13,636 30,000
2025 20 25 2495 5500 2273 5000 13,636 30,000
2030 20 30 2495 5500 2955 6500 13,636 30,000
NOTE: Weights are approximate.

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*limited warranty, some conditions apply

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