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Portable Loading Docks

WM Manufacturing Ltd. free-standing portable loading docks and ramps are built to the highest standards in the industry. Each and every one of our loading docks are manufactured using 100% welded steel to ensure durability and safety. In fact, we back this claim by offering a 5 year warranty* while other manufacturers offer only a 1 year warranty.

We offer nine models of portable loading docks and can also customize your loading dock to meet any unique requirements you may have. Custom colors are also available upon request.

WM Manufacturing Ltd. takes pride in delivering the highest quality and performance Forkliftramps™ Mobile Dock Systems second to none period! Every FMDS is inspected for quality, safety and appearance before it ever leaves our warehouse. Only when it passes this inspection does a forklift ramp MDS receive a serial number for each component (deck and ramp) and the approval to be shipped.

So, whatever you call them - forklift ramps, mobile dock systems, portable loading docks, mobile yard ramps, portable loading ramps, heavy-duty loading ramps, mobile loading docks - we have the right solution for you - at a competitive price!

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*limited warranty, some conditions apply

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Forklift Ramps MDS are generically referred to as:
• loading ramps
• portable ramps
• mobile ramps
• loading dock ramp
• portable loading ramp
• portable loading dock
• mobile loading dock
• mobile dock ramps
• mobile yard ramps
• loading docks
• yard ramps

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