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Forklift Ramp MDS Installation and Maintenance Instructions

WARNING: Track machines will do serious damage to the bar grate.

Fork holes have been provided in the sides of both the deck and the ramp of the Forkliftramps™ Mobile Dock System (FMDS) for ease of handling. Insert the forks into the holes with the mast tilted forward so the forks will pass under the second beam, crowd the mast and the FMDS deck/ramp is under your control.

To install the Forklift Ramps MDS ramp you will have to keep it level in order to be able to remove your forks from the FMDS ramp.

Two Forklift Approach

If there are two forklifts available you can place one at the foot of the Forklift Ramps MDS ramp with the forks at the same level as the deck. Now when you place the FMDS ramp on the deck, and the forks in the second machine, the first forklift can be removed without any problems. The second forklift can then lower the Forklift Ramps MDS ramp into place.

One Forklift Approach

If you have only one forklift at your disposal, you can use the drums and or dunnage under the foot end of the Forklift Ramps MDS to keep it level until you have removed the forklift from the side of the FMDS ramp. The same machine can then be used to lift the foot of the Forklift Ramps MDS ramp to facilitate the removal of the drums and or dunnage, allowing you then to lower the FMDS ramp into place.


Two plates are provided to ease the transition from your Forklift Ramps MDS ramp to the ground. The plates have lugs on the back which engage the bar grating and the other end of the plate rests on the ground. The plates should be set in such a way that they just reach the ground with about half of the plate on the ramp itself.


The landing gear should be greased every 6 months.

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Forklift Ramps MDS are generically referred to as:
• loading ramps
• portable ramps
• mobile ramps
• loading dock ramp
• portable loading ramp
• portable loading dock
• mobile loading dock
• mobile dock ramps
• mobile yard ramps
• loading docks
• yard ramps

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